Turcon Excluder 5



 Turcon®excluder®5 is a patented double-acting  scraper with scraper lip and sealing lip, positioned back-to-back. The scraper is installed with an O-ring as elastic energizing element in one groove. The scraper function is performed by the excluder®5 Turcon®element. The O-ring maintains the pressure of the scraper lips against the sliding surface and can compensate deflections of the piston rod.


Excluder®5 has two functions:

 - Scrape contaminants from the retracting piston rod to protect the system from soiling

 - Hold back the residual oil film on the extending piston rod on the medium side.


excluder®5 is used in conjunction with our rod seals Turcon®Stepseal®2K, Turcon®Vl Seal®or Zurcon®rimseal, i.e. seals with a hydrodynamic back-pumping function. in contrast to excluder®2, they are used particularly for heavy duty applications such as in construction machinery, presses, etc.



  •  Outstanding sliding properties
  •  Stick-slip-free, no sticking (Turcon®material)
  •  Tough scraper for heavy-duty operation
  •  Can compensate for deflections of the piston rod or plunger
  •  Very good scraping effect even against firmly adhered dirt, etc.
  •  Very good scraping effect from the inside against the residual oil film adhering to the surface of the piston rod
  •  Identical installation with that of the Zurcon®excluder®500
  •  Very high resistance to hydraulic media
  •  Available for all diameters up to 2,600 mm (Turcon®), up to 2,200 mm (Zurcon®Z53/Z54).
  •  ISO 6195 Type D installation dimensions from diameter 40 mm


Speed: up to 15 m/s for Turcon®materials up to 2 m/s for Zurcon®materials

Temperature: -45 °C to +200 °C (Turcon®)

- 45 °C to +110 °C (Zurcon®Z53/Z54)

- 60 °C to +80 °C (Zurcon®Z80) depending on O-ring material

Media: Mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, flame retardant hydraulic fluids, environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids (bio-oils), phosphate ester, water, air and others, depending on the scraper and O-ring material compatibility.