Zurcon Scraper WNV


WnV is a double acting scraper in material Zurcon®polyurethane Z 201. The dynamic scraping lip is specially designed with an additional inwards sealing edge to keep the residual oil film in the system. if the volume of this oil film can not be backpumped by the main rod seal (e.g. u.cup) a pressure built up between u-cup and scraper will be prevented by releasing this pressure by liftening of the scraper lip.


The static sealing lip and edge respectively ensure against the intrusion of dirt and fluids (e.g. water) over the outer diameter of the scraper. The support on the reverse side of the scraper prevents it from twisting in the groove.



Speed: up to 1 m/s

Temperature: -35 °C to +100 °C

Media: Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids

Groove Type: Closed



  • Double acting
  • Pressure release function
  • Good static sealing performance due to additional seal lip at the housing.
  • Stable position of scraper in the housing
  • Support bead with notches to support release function
  • Housings in accordance to iSo 6195 type a