Veepac g1 is a set of fabric reinforced rings comprising one support ring, one sealing ring and a pressure energizing ring. it is a single acting piston seal. The support ring or base ring is manufactured out of nitrile elastomer with high Shore a hardness and reinforced with impregnated cotton fabric layers for an optimal extrusion resistance. The intermediate ring - the sealing ring - is a fabric reinforced nitrile elastomer with good resilience characteristics enabling the radial deflection under pressure load. Consequently the optimum sealing force is applied to the bore to be sealed. The energiser or spreader ring is made of PoM or PTFe. its function is to ensure a uniform pre-load of the seal. in some specific applications the energiser ring is made out of acetal resin or Phenolic resin. Please contact our local TSS company for further details.





Pressure: up to 40 MPa

Velocity: up to 0.5 m/s

Temperature: -30 °C to +200 °C, depending on material

Media: Mineral oil, water glycol, water emulsions





- exceptional wear resistance

- Pre-load adjustment capability

- excellent behavior in harsh conditions