A double-acting O-Ring energized seal developed for sealing between two media such as fluid and gas. It incorporates a limited footprint Quad-Ring®Seal / X-Ring inset into the dynamic sealing face.


Turcon®aQ-Seal®is a double-acting seal consisting of a seal ring of Turcon®material, an Quad-ring® seal and an o-ring as energizing element. The Turcon®seal ring and the Quad-ring®Seal together create the dynamic sealing function while the o-ring performs the static sealing function. aQ-Seal®is supplied as standard with radial notches on both sides which ensure direct pressurizing of the seal under all operating conditions.



aQ-Seal®combines the benefits of a low-friction Turcon®slipper seal with the high sealing characteristics of an elastomeric seal by incorporating a limited foot print Quad-ring®in the dynamic sealing face. This optimizes leakage control while minimizing friction.





Pressure: up to 50 MPa with mineral oil up to 30 MPa for media with reduced lubricating properties

Speed: up to 2 m/s with reciprocating movements

Temperature: -45 °C to +200 °C* depending on o-ring and Quad-ring®seal material

Media: Mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, flame retardant hydraulic fluids, environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids (bio-oils), phosphate ester, water and others, depending on temperature, seal, o-ring and Quad-ring®seal material compatibility. 

Clearance: The maximum permissible radial clearance, as a function of the operating pressure and functional diameter



- High sealing effect in applications requiring media separation, e.g. fluid/fluid or fluid/gas

- Double security through the combination of low-friction special materials with elastomer seals

- Simple groove design, small installation space, interchangeable with Turcon®glyd ring®and Turcon®glyd ring®T installation according to iSo 7425-1 - outstanding sliding properties, no stick-slip effect

- Diameter from 15 to 700 mm (for sizes above use Turcon® aQ-Seal®with bean Sea)