Zurcon® Rimseal is a single-acting rod seal energized by an elastomer O-Ring and it has a high static and dynamic tightness. The installation spaces are identical to those used for the Turcon® Stepseal® 2K, making the Zurcon® Rimseal an ideal secondary system element. The main application fields are rod seals with redundant sealing systems and double wipers in mobile hydraulics, machine tools, injection molding machines and in general machine construction.


When the application requirements make high demands on leakage control and reliability, a redundant sealing system is necessary to ensure reliable sealing of hydraulic cylinders at the piston rod. 



Zurcon®rimseal is an elastomer energized seal element. The changes in seal position in the groove, necessary for optimum sealing function, are guaranteed by the combination of the two parts: the o-ring and seal ring.

in order to achieve a contact force increasing sealing effect with increasing pressure, the seal has a chamfer on the low pressure side which causes the seal to tilt slightly so that the seal ring is forced against the side of the groove. This creates an area of maximum pressure at the edge of the seal. 


When Zurcon®rimseal is used in a system with a doubleacting scraper Da24 (Da22, Da17, Da27, excluder®2 resp. 5

or 500), the sealing function of the system must be assured  even if pressure build-up occurs between rimseal and the double-acting scraper. The high-pressure side of the seal ring also has a chamfer which, in the event of a build-up of pressure behind rimseal, comes into contact with the flank of the groove. rimseal moves in the groove so that a contact pressure distribution is obtained on the rod which enhances the back-pumping effect.




Pressure: in tandem system: up to 60 MPa as an individual element: 25 MPa 


Velocity: 5 m/s with short strokes <1 m in tandem system

Temperature: -45 °C to +110 °C depending on o-ring material

Media: Hydraulic fluids 

 - Mineral oil

 - Synthetic and natural esters

 - HeeS, HeTg up to +60 °C

 - Flame retardant fluids HFa, HFC


Clearance: The maximum permissible radial clearance Smax is shown in Table 22, as a function

of the operating pressure and functional diameter



- High static and dynamic sealing effect

 - low friction for reduced power loss

 - High wear resistance for long service life

 - Small groove

 - easy installation

 - iSo 7425-2 grooves optional

 - available for any diameter from 8 to 2,200 mm