The u-Cup is a single-acting piston seal out of injection molded polyurethane. it is provided with a robust dynamic sealing lip and a wide contact area of the static lip, which guaranties an effective positioning in the groove. The profile is suitable for pressures up to 40 MPa provided that the extrusion gap is adapted to the pressure level. Thanks to the elasticity of the polyurethane material the u-Cup can easily be installed in closed grooves.






Pressure: up to 40 MPa Speed: up to 0.5 m/s

Temperature: from -35 °C to +110 °C

Media: Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids

Clearance: From Table 145 the maximum value of the radial clearance Smax can be selected for dimensioning the piston. The values indicated in this table must be reduced by 30% when temperature exceeds 80 °C.





- Simple groove design

- High abrasion resistance

- long service life

- effective sealing effect even with non excellent mating surface finish