The double acting Zurcon®glyd ring®P is a combination of a Zurcon®based material slipper seal with a step cut and an energising rectangular elastomeric ring. it is produced with an interference fit at closed step cut which together with the squeeze of the rectangular energizer ring ensures a good sealing effect even at low pressure. at higher system pressures, the rectangular ring is energised by the fluid, pushing the Zurcon®glyd ring®P against the sealing face with increased force. at high peak pressures, the Zurcon®step cut seal ring can follow ballooning of the tube without loosing the sealability. Due to the Zurcon®high strength plastic material, two times bigger extrusion gaps are possible compared with Turcon®materials. The step cut in the ring is necessary for installation in closed grooves and for the flexibility of the seal ring due to the high stiffness of the material.




For easy installation on the piston and for the flexibility of the seal ring a precision step cut is produced by special tool technology.










Zurcon®glyd ring®P is recommended for linear movements where the dimensional gap between piston and tube shall be as big as possible or where high pressure peaks occure during operation.


Pressure: 50 MPa standard 100 MPa pressure peak

Speed: up to 1 m/s

Temperature: -30 °C to +110 °C standard Special materials are available on request for applications outside this temperature range.

Media: mineral oil based hydraulic fluids




- easy installation on piston without special tools

- Due to large extrusion gap, safe use even with soiled media

- installation grooves acc. 

- Simple groove design, one piece piston possible

- increased clearance compare to Turcon®glyd ring®seals (approximately +50%), depending on operation conditions

- resistent against shock loads - High wear resistant material ensures long service life