The compact seals DuoPaC DPS and DPC types are double acting piston seals with integrated guide rings. DuoPaC has been designed to optimize the advantages of the materials selection: - Fabric reinforcement with high mechanical strength, optimum thermal stability and lubricating properties is incorporated in the sealing element all over the dynamic contact area. For the DuoPaC DPC the reinforcement is extended on both sides to improve the extrusion resistance - nitrile based elastomer with optimum elasticity and low compression set provides the initial radial pre-load - acetal resin with improved form stability gives the guide/ backup rings high distortion and extrusion resistance.



The DPS profile has been designed for its installation in closed grooves. The radial dimension of the profile has been reduced to the minimum to allow the necessary deformation during installation in closed grooves. Consequently its use must be limited to pressures up to 35 MPa.



The DPC profile is much more robust and can therefore be used for pressure level up to 70 MPa. an open groove is necessary.



For an optimum performance of the DuoPaC, the recommended tolerances and surface finish must be applied. 

Pressure: up to 35 MPa DPS type up to 70 MPa DPC type

Speed: up to 0.5 m/s

Temperature: -30 °C to +130 °C

Media: Mineral oil based hydraulic fluids, water/oil and water/glycol emulsions.



  • DPS can be installed into closed grooves but its use must consequently be limited to medium duty applications
  • DPC are usually installed in open grooves in Heavy Duty applications (pressure peak up to 80 MPa)
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Excellent sealing effect in combination with good dynamic and static friction behavior