DIFKU, DISKU Special Rings

DIFKU sealing springs for ball bearings


These sealing springs are axial seals with the best possible spring properties and have an inside recess as well as a sealing edge. They are made of various types of materials and their shape can be adapted to any type of installation situation and bearing position. Vertical sealing edges and concentric location is a prerequisite for all DIFKU sealing springs. This produces the labyrinth groove on the facing surface of the ball bearing required for a good sealing effect.


DISKU sealing springs for ball bearings


Simple cover plates protect against severe contamination from outside and offer the maximum amount of resistance. They are generally used as additional protection for bearings, since not all seals can offer protection to the inside and the outside. A solution using DISKU cover plates saves costs and space. The mating contacting surface should be carefully machined if it is to be used as a rubbing cover plate.




DISKU special ring in an escalator idler