Trelleborg Type TRE are seals with a completely rubber covered outer diameter and a secondary dust lip which protects the other lip against dust and other fine contaminants. This type of radial oil seal is recommended for use in polluted environments. Radial Oil Seals are also known as Rotary Shaft Seals, consisting of a rubber sealing lip, metal case and a spiraled tensioning spring Their function is to keep oil and grease within the system dirt and dust out.


Size Range: 10 mm to 250 mm


Temperature: -40 °C to 200 °C


Pressure (max): 0,05 MPa


Speed (max): 15 m/s




  • Good static sealing
  • Compensation of different thermal expansion
  • Reduced risk of fretting corrosion
  • Effective protection against air side contaminants
  • Higher bore surface roughness is allowed
  • Installation in split-housings
  • Modern lip design provides low radial forces





Pressure : Up to 0.05 MPa

Temperature : -40 °C to +200 °C (depending on material)

Speed : Up to 30 m/s (depending on material)

Media : Mineral and synthetic lubricants (CLP, HLP, APGL etc.)