Nilos Rings

from Kroll und Ziller


For all your bearings and taper roller bearings,

we can supply Nilos Rings in every size and type:

NILOS-Rings are a by-word throughout the entire world for the simple and space- saving sealing of roller bearings. The correct type of NILOS-Ring at the right place reduces the costs of the design as well as improving it.


The standard types of ring are produced from gal- vanised special strip steel. On request NILOS-Rings can also be produced from stainless steel or brass.


There is no such thing as a universal seal for all opera- ting conditions and bearing r.p.m.. Our well-proven sealing elements represent a comprehensive range of various types of NILOS-Rings.


These types of NILOS-Rings are covered in detail on the following pages, with information on what they can be used for and how they can be installed.


For all other sealing problems we produce sealing springs and cover plates in the DIFKU and DISKU types of NILOS-Rings which have already proven their worth in numerous applications.



NILOS-Ring Types


Two basic shapes of seals AV, JV

These two types of NILOS-Rings cover the majority of configura- tions used. The standard types of NILOS-Rings can be used for peripheral rotating speeds of up to 6 m/s; higher speeds must quoted without fail when ordering.


For Z and RS bearings ZAV, ZJV

The sealing of bearings that have already been provided with shields or seals is done by NILOS-Rings of other dimensions so that the seal clamped into the bearing is fully encapsulated by the NILOS-Ring. NILOS-Rings are required in particular in such cases if dirt can penetrate up to the bearing or if condensation is formed.


For taper roller bearings AV, JV, AK


The two forms of NILOS-Ring, the AV and the JV, are produced for the bearing sides shown in the illustration. The dimensions of the sealing edge are significantly different from those for other forms due to the difference in width between the inner and outer bearing rings. They are dimensioned such that they can be guaranteed to always be in place on the roller bearing ring and thus ensure that proper sealing is achieved in all cases.


Steel disk seal LSTO

Sealing package comprising of steel disks are ready for installation and capable of handling thrust loads. The sealing works on a non- contact basis and can follow axial movements of the roller bearing rings to 0.3 mm with- out any jamming of the disc


Type LST-L steel disk seal

The type LST-L ring is a further development of the type LSTO NILOS ring. By means of an additional Viton gasket, a considerable sealing effect is achieved when in contact with liquids.



The NILOS ring is the ideal solution for your sealing problem:

  • Sturdy, low-wear metal seal for extreme application conditions.
  • Can be used in virtually any existing structure due to its low overall height.
  • Considerable increase in service life. Even in case of high-grade bearings with already integrated sealing.
  • LST-L: Considerable sealing effect against liquids.


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