Sewage Treatment Plants

Trouble-free plant operation during the entire cleaning process is imperative for treatment of waste water. Important machine elements such as chains, spindles, roller and sliding bearings are directly exposed to dirt, water, phosphates and other chemicals. Continuous relubrication is necessary to prevent premature wear.


Lubrication Points

Physical treatment


Grit & grease removal
Sedimentation tank
Chain guide roller
Impeller wheel

Biological treatment


Aerated tank
Clarification tank
Surface aerator
Wheel bearing, pivot bearing

Sludge treatment


Sludge thickening
Sludge dewatering
Sludge belt conveyor
Screw press



  • High energy costs
  • Dirt, chemicals, water
  • Hard-to-reach and dangerous lubrication points
  • High maintenance costs, lack of staff, spread out equipment and lubrication points
  • Advantages of Automatic Lubrication
  • perma lubrication systems seal and protect lubrication points against contamination. 
  • Less maintenance runs minimize the time that workers spend in dangerous areas and increase workplace safety.
  • Different sizes and precise settings, based on manufacturer recommendations, prevent lubricant starvation and save lubricant.
  • Environmentally friendly, bio-degradable lubricants in closed systems. 




Direct mounting on the lubrication point:
e.g. perma FLEX

  • Easy, quick mounting
  • For lube-points with little vibration / shocks
  • For easy-to-access and safe lubrication points

Remote mounting to the lubrication point: 
e.g. perma STAR VARIO

  • For lube-points with strong vibration / shocks (isolation of lubrication system)
  • When workers’ safety is at risk: Mounting in safe areas
  • For hard-to-access lubrication points