Metal Scraper



- Metal scraper consists of a thin spring brass scraper lip in tandem with an NBR wiping lip encased in a steel shell.

- It is capable of removing dried or frozen mud, tar, ice and other contaminants from the rod. Also available in Stainless Steel with an FKM wiper lip.

- The metal scraper is a single-acting special scraper with two different scraper lips - a thin metallic lip and a elastomer lip. The two scraper lips are  0arranged in tandem behind one another in a compact metal housing.

- The metal scraper lip is designed to remove firmly adhering soiling and ice particles. The secondary lip of elastomer material enhances the overall scraping effect, i.e. fine sand grains, water and similar foreign matter are reliably scraped off. both scraper lips have a smaller diameter than the nominal diameter of the piston rod, thus ensuring a tight fit of the scraper lips. The metallic lip is guided flexibly in radial direction and can easily follow any possible deflections of the piston rod.



Speed: Max. 1 m/s with reciprocating movements

Temperature: -30 °C to +110 °C

Media: Mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, flame retardant hydraulic fluids (HFa, HFb, HFC), water, air, etc.



  •  Very good scraping effect, even with firmly adhering dirt, e.g. mud, ice
  •  Very abrasion resistant
  •  Tight fit in the groove due to the metal case
  •  easy installation in open grooves