Turcon® Glyd Ring® is a double-acting O-Ring energized piston seal for dynamic applications. Turcon® Glyd Ring® provides low friction with no stick-slip, minimal break out force and high wear resistance. Main application is actuator cylinders. Installed in grooves to ISO 7425.


Turcon®glyd ring®is a very effective and reliable low friction seal. it is particularly suitable as a piston seal in both high and low pressure systems.  The double-acting glyd ring®is a combination of a Turcon®based slipper seal and an energizing o-ring. it has an interference fit which together with the squeeze of the o-ring ensures a good sealing effect even at low pressure. at higher system pressures, the o-ring is energised by the fluid, pushing

glyd ring®against the sealing face with increased force.



The geometry of glyd ring®ensures good static sealing and allows the lubricating hydrodynamic fluid film to be built under the seal in linear applications.





Pressure: up to 60 MPa

Speed: up to 15 m/s

Frequency: up to 5 Hz.

Temperature: -45 °C to +200 °C* depending on o-ring material

Media: Mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, flame retardant hydraulic fluids, environmentally

friendly hydraulic fluids (bio-oils), phosphate ester, water and others, depending on the seal and o-ring material


Clearance: The maximum permissible radial clearance Smax is shown in the Table 100 as a

function of the operating pressure and functional diameter.




- no stick-slip effect when starting for smooth operation

 - Minimum static and dynamic friction for a minimum energy loss and operating temperature

 - Suitable for non lubricating fluids depending on seal material for optimum design flexibility

 - High wear resistance ensures long service life

 - installation grooves acc. to iSo 7425-1 as well as Stepseal®standard groove dimensions

 - no adhesive effect to the mating surface during long period of inactivity or storage

 - Suitable for most hydraulic fluids in relation with most modern hardware materials and surface finish depending on material selected.

 - Suitable for environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids

 - available for all cylinder diameters up to 2,700 mm.