Lubrication pocket for gear lubrication

For open gear lubrication (grease)
Application: Spindles, slew rings, gear racks

Custom made to your specification
Please provide: Module, no. of teeth, radius (mm) width of gear wheel (mm).


Multipurpose chain lubrication box (plastic)

Application: Conveyor chains

Art. No.: 101445


Rotating brush 16 mm for multipurpose chain lubrication box for re-orders

Material: Horsehair bristles
Art. No.: 107631



Art. No.: 101564

- CWL Applicator assy with insert
- 1 x CWL Applicator (2 x spare)
- 2 x STAR VARIO Drive
  incl. STAR Battery
- 2 x STAR LC 250 with grease GRAFLOSCON C-SG 0 ULTRA Standard
- 2.5 m Dual tube connection
- 400 g Cartridge GRAFLOSCON C-SG 0 ULTRA Standard
- Accessory parts
- Mounting material


Standard probe CWL PLUS

Part no.: 101580


Off-set probe CWL PLUS

Part no.: 101581


Rail oiler with foam insert (gap widths 5, 9 and 16 mm)

For sliding guide lubrication (oil).
Part no.: 101485


perma DRAIN CUP 250

Grease catchment cup

Material: Plastic
Art. No.: 115685