Single-Point Lubrication Systems (Electrochemical)


perma single point lubricators perma single point lubricators perma-tec has been providing innovative and creative lubrication solutions for more than 45 years. Our single- and multi-point lubrication systems can be found in all types of industries and applications around the world perma-tec's leadership in single-point lubrication is based on many patents and specially certified products. All perma products meet "Made in Germany" quality standards because they are developed, tested and manufactured at our German headquarters. perma-tec'sknow-how and the network of subsidiaries and competent partners around the world result in lubrication solutions that meet the highest technical requirements.


Today, anyone looking for safe, effective and long-term economical lubrication of equipment takes advantage of automatic lubrication. perma offers an optimal solution for any lubrication point in terms of technology, economy, and workplace safety aspects.


These are your benefits from Perma lubrication systems:

  • Reduced maintenance time, lower cost and increased safety – Your benefits from perma lubrication systems
  • Permanent, easy to maintain, long-term lubrication of highest quality
  • Long-term cost reduction through higher operating efficiency
  • Significantly improved job safety by reducing manual work demands
  • Largest product range of single- and multi-point lubrication
  • Systems from the global leader
  • Superior technical support and advice from a competent partner
  • Systematic Lubrication - Products that meet every challenge