In heavy-duty applications, leak-free performance and long service life cannot be assured by a single  sealing element; therefore, specially developed system seals are arranged in series, building a tandem configuration.  Each sealing element in a system has its specific function, and their interaction needs to be secured to incorporate redundancy into the sealing system.

The primary seal, manufactured from Zurcon®material, has excellent wear and extrusion resistance under extreme working conditions. it allows an optimized lubrication film to pass this first barrier, ensuring the necessary lubrication of the secondary sealing element for long service life in order to further optimize the performance, friction and service life of sealing systems using a tandem sealing configuration, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions developed the already known and appreciated capabilities of Zurcon®buffer Seal into a new design called Zurcon®buffer Seal lM.

The single-acting Zurcon®buffer Seal lM is designed as a heavy-duty primary rod seal. The design of the product

incorporates a combination of a Zurcon®sealing ring with a back-up ring. by utilizing two materials, the performance of the product is enhanced and life is extended.




up to 40 MPa 

up to 60 MPa peak

Velocity: up to 1 m/s

Temperature: -35 °C to +110 °C*

Mineral oil: Synthetic and natural esters

HeeS, HeTg: Flame retardant fluids


up to 110 °C

up to +60 °C

up to +40 °C



  • Resistance to very high pressure peaks due to an integrated back-up ring that closes the radial gap
  • Outstanding pressure relief 
  • Excellent back-pumping guaranteed over the entire pressure range
  • Suitable to use both in iSo 7425/2 standard grooves and in Stepseal®grooves
  • High performance Zurcon®material with an excellent abrasion resistance and low compression set


       SS item no.         Product name 
RUKCB0500-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB0600-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB0650-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB0700-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB0750-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB0800-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB0850-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB0900-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB0950-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB1000-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB1050-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB1100-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB1150-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB1200-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB1250-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB1400-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM 
RUKCB1500-Z2054  Zurcon® Buffer Seal LM