DA17 Scraper


The scraper Da17 is a molded double-acting elastomer scraper. it has two geometrically different scraper lips. The scraper is preferably used for reciprocating piston rods and plunger pistons in hydraulic cylinders. it prevents the penetration of dirt into the system and on the medium side holds back the residual oil film from the extending piston rod.


The scraper is preferably used in conjunction with our rod seal Turcon®Stepseal®, i.e. seals with a hydrodynamic back pumping function.



Speed: up to 1 m/s

Temperature: -25 °C to +100 °C

Media: Mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, flame retardant hydra



  •  Low friction
  •  Good scraping effect both inwards and outwards
  •  Simple, small installation groove
  •  Compact design
  •  Easy installation and removal without tools