Composite O-Ring Backring Seal

O-ring with a permanently attached elastomer back ring. For all standard O-ring grooves. All materials used are hard-wearing and are capable of com-pensating for expansion of cylinder. Simple fitting like O-rings. Modification of standard O-ring groove is not necessary with the use of OBVD ax. The back ring of the axial version has an additional sealing lip. 500               -30...+100                         --

Static Seal, inside or outside sealing

static sealing for O-ring grooves of cord sizes 7 mm and 10 mm, inside or outside sealing 630               -45...+120                          --


static seal POR

Precision O-Ring

available as POR 8 = 80° Shore A NBR, POR 9 = 90° Shore A NBR, POR V = 80° Shore A Viton, POR S = 70° Shore A Silicon, for use as static seal

acc. to          -50...+100                         --

Support Ring, inside/outside

split element without gap, for simple installation, to prevent gap extrusion of O-rings, also available without split 630               -30...+100                         --

Multi-Component Precision O-Ring

seal for aggressive fluids, material combinations for wide ranging applications, excellent compression set, also available with back-up-rings (similar to OBVD ax or OBVD 2ax)

acc. to         

 -50...+220                    --

Precision O-Ring, Covered

for foodstuff and chemical applications, where aggressive fluids are used  450               -30...+200            --