Zurcon® Rimseal IM is a single-acting rod seal energized by an elastomer O-Ring with good static and dynamic tightness. It is optimized for injection molding technology and improves contact pressure distribution with improved back-pumping and extrusion behavior. Installation grooves are identical to those used for Turcon® Stepseal® 2K, making Zurcon®Rimseal an ideal secondary seal Zurcon® Z13 allows the seal to withstand higher temperatures and many hydraulic media.


Zurcon®rimseal iM is an o-ring energized rod seal designed for high demanding applications, with manufacturing feasible by both injection molding and by lathing from injection molded TPu Zurcon®tubes.

Zurcon®rimseal iM is an asymmetric rod seal with a slipper ring made of Zurcon®Z13, fitting into both Stepseal®and iSo 7425-2 grooves. 



Contact length and profile tilting angles are optimized to give the desired contact pressure distribution throughout a wide range of pressures, hardware machining tolerances and different working temperatures within the admissible temperature range.




Pressure: 60 MPa in tandem system 25 MPa as individual element

Velocity: 0.5 m/s as primary seal 5 m/s with short strokes (<1 m) in tandem systems

Temperature: -45 °C to +110 °C depending on o-ring material

Media: - Mineral oil  - Synthetic and natural esters

 - HeeS, HeTg up to +60 °C

 - Flame retardant fluids HF

 - Special optimized for flame retardant fluids (HFC) up to +60 °C


Installation: - Standard mounting in closed grooves.

 - For Ø <18 mm request a split groove.

 - no recalibration needed for installation in closed groove.





 - Feasible both by injection moulding and by lathing from injection moulded TPu Zurcon®tubes.

 - increased extrusion resistance and outstanding abrasion resistance of TPu Zurcon®positions Zurcon®rimseal

iM as an effective and reliable choice for tandem seal configurations

 - Calibrated rod contact pressure and reduced friction from optimized back-pumping behaviour give Zurcon®rimseal iM the capability to control oil film, making it a very good choice as a secondary seal in lubrication Management configurations