Z Zurcon Excluder




Zurcon®excluder®Z is a new injection molded o-ring energized double-acting scraper made from Zurcon®Z13 and fitting into 6195 type D grooves.

The seal has three areas, each performing a specific task: 

- Scraping, sealing and support lip (see Figure 178).

- Dividing each portion of the profile into several parts, it was possible to optimize angles and the radius to achieve each function while maintaining the stability necessary to cope with different application conditions.

- The o-ring maintains the correct pressure on the lips and compensates for temperature conditions and rod deflection.

- Zurcon®excluder®Z is designed to control fluid film during outstroke and instroke and is able to cope with hydraulic pressure coming from the system, provided it is used in combination with a primary or secondary seal with good backpumping abilities like Zurcon®u-Cup ru9, Zurcon®l-Cup®or Zurcon®rimseal.


Especially when used in tandem with a primary seal, this new design promises to give an effective solution for modern hydraulic applications.



Speed: 1 m/s

Temperature: -45 °C to +110 °C  depending on o-ring material

Media: Mineral oil, synthetic and natural esters, HeeS/HeTg up to +60 °C, flame retardant fluids HFa, special optimized for flame retardant fluids (HFC) up to +60 °C

Installation: Standard mounting in closed grooves. For Ø < 25 mm request a split groove. No recalibration needed for installation in closed groove. ISO 6195 Type D installation dimensions from diameter 40 mm 



Zurcon®excluder®Z has increased scraping and sealing capabilities from the optimized rod contact force distribution. Instead of Zurcon®Z05 used for previous scraper designs, Zurcon®excluder®Z uses Zurcon®Z13 slipper pads that, owing to higher material flexibility, are much easier to assemble. Additionally, the compound also increases the temperature range up to +110 °C and greatly improves chemical compatibility with new generation hydraulic fluids. Zurcon®Z13 is also available in injection molded tubes that allow machining of parts in low volumes and increases the diameter range above an injection machine’s normal constraints. Polyurethane materials have excellent abrasion resistance characteristics that guarantee a good scraping effect even in heavy-duty applications or when operating in harsh environments.