Turcon®Double Delta®is a rubber energized plastic faced seal, designed to expand and significantly improve the service parameters of o-rings. Double Delta®can be installed in existing o-ring grooves. Double Delta®combines the flexibility and responsiveness of o-rings with the wear and friction characteristics of the Turcon®materials in dynamic applications. The double-acting performance of the seal follows from the symmetrical cross section which allows the seal to respond to pressure in both directions - Figure 141. initial contact pressure is provided by radial compression of the o-ring. When the system pressure is increased the o-ring transforms this into additional contact pressure, the contact pressure of the seal is thereby automatically adjusted so sealing is ensured under all service conditions.






Pressure: up to 35 MPa Velocity: up to 15 m/s

Temperature: -45 °C to +200 °C* (according to o-ring material)

Media: Mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids, flame retardant hydraulic fluids, environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids (bio-oils), phosphate ester, water and others, depending on temperature, seal and o-ring material compatibility

Clearance: The maximum permissible radial clearance , as a function of the operating pressure and functional diameter




- Compact groove dimensions and simple installation

- low friction without stick-slip - resistance against wear and extrusion

- Piston seals available for all diameters from 5 to 999.9 mm

- Standard cross section cover aS 568a and important metric o-rings, other cross sections available on request.

- Fits also groove dimensions per iSo 6194 and aS 4716