Rod seals are particularly exposed to pressure and friction and a long service life is a specific requirement of piston rods. Zurcon® U-Cup RU9 can offer this with its outstanding wear and extrusion resistance. It is also compatible with virtually all media, has a wide operating temperature range, gives low friction. It has compact installation dimensions and is ease to assemble.


rod seals are particularly exposed to pressure and friction. a long service life is a specific requirement of piston rods. Features such as wear and extrusion resistance, media and temperature compatibility, low friction, compact installation Dimensions and ease of assembly are also essential and require the introduction of new products and materials. it is against this background that we have developed the Zurcon®u-Cup ru9


Due to its special design, behind the dynamic seal lip, the Zurcon®u-Cup ru9 with its structure of slide segments

interspersed by back-pumping channels features excellent back-pumping ability across the entire pressure range. The dynamic seal slide segments also have a micro-structure with excellent tribological and sealing characteristics. as well as increasing the sealing ability of the u-Cup ru9, this also ensures a constant lubrication film underneath the seal sliding surface, reducing breakaway force even after prolonged periods of rest and reduces dynamic friction force.




Pressure: up to 40 MPa

Velocity: up to 0.5 m/s

Temperature: Zurcon®Z20 Standard: -35 °C to +110 °C

Media:  Hydraulic fluids based on mineral oil: -35 °C to +110 °C

Synthetic and natural ester HeeS, HeTg: up to +60 °C

Flame-retardant hydraulic fluids HFa/HFb: up to +40 °C




- lower friction than standard u-Cups

 - lower heat generation than standard u-Cups

 - High extrusion resistance 

 - excellent dynamic and static sealing

 - optimum environment protection

 - back pumping ability over the entire pressure range achieved by grooved profile

 - Suitable with the Zurcon®buffer Seal as secondary seal in “tandem design“

 - Suitable for sealing systems with double scraper

 - Seal stability within the groove