A single-acting compact seal comprised of an elastomer sealing lip, supported by a fiber-reinforced back with optional integrated plastic Back-up Ring for high pressure applications. Recommended for use in standard hydraulic cylinders, presses and mobile hydraulics. To search for available articles, please use the Electronic Catalog.


The balsele is a compact rod seal consisting of an elastomeric sealing element and an integrated fabric reinforced base. Due to the radial pre-load, an excellent sealing performance will be achieved even at low pressures. The fabric reinforced base prevents the seal from extrusion. Where extrusion gaps are greater than those specified or for higher pressure conditions the series b/nei with incorporated anti-extrusion ring shall be selected. 




1) Sealing element manufactured from a specially developed nitrile compound particularly resistant to compression set. The sealing lips are produced to give optimum efficiency and wear resistance.

2) The reinforced base of the seal element is of cotton fabric impregnated with nitrile elastomer and vulcanized with the first sealing element, thus forming an integral component.


3) guide rings or anti-extrusion rings are made from acetal resin. as previously described, these rings maintain the seal in the optimum position for maximum performance, and minimize all possible extrusion gaps.







Pressure: up to 25 MPa (Type b) up to 40 MPa (Type b/nei)

Velocity: up to 0.5 m/s

Temperature: -30 °C to +130 °C

Media: Mineral oil, water, air

Groove Type: open




- Small cross section

 - good chemical resistance

 - large size range

 - no hydrolysis problems

 - Wide temperature range