additional to the machined seals Stepseal®2K and rim seal for housings to ISO 7425/2 (rubber energised plastic seals) the u-Cup type ru6 has been developed as an injection molded seal of polyurethane material to fit in the same ISO housings.


The integrated nbr O-ring (only available for series ru62 - ru64) improves the performance at low pressure and low

temperature applications. Polyurethane (Zurcon®Z20) is a proven material for u-cups due to their good mechanical




The u-Cup type ru6 can be installed as a single seal for low to medium duty applications; for sealing systems, the u-Cup ru6 shall be installed mainly as a secondary seal together with the Turcon®Stepseal®2K as primary seals.






The sealing effect of the u-Cup ru6 comes from the intrusive preload of the seal body and from the compression of the seal lip and the O-ring during installation. in operation conditions, the radial contact forces are superimposed by the system pressure.


Due to the special design and the integrated O-ring the ru6 u-Cups have an excellent sealing behavior with and without pressure activation. The short sealing lip gives better friction values compared to common u-Cups.



Pressure: Max. 25 MPa (as single element)

Speed: up to 0.5 m/s Temperature: use in mineral oils: -35 °C to +110 °C

Media: Mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids.



  • Very good low pressure salability
  • Simple installation
  • Lower friction compared with common u-Cups
  • Installation in ISO 7475/2 grooves
  • Very low compression set due to O-ring


TSS item no.  Product name 
RU6100120-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6100120-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6100140-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6100140-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6100160-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6100180-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6100200-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6100200-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6100220-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6100250-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6100250-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6100265-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6100265-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6200200-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6200220-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6200220-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6200220-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6200250-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6200280-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6200280-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6200280-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6200320-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6200360-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6200360-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6200360-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6200360-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6200400-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6200450-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6200450-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6200450-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6200450-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6200500-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6200550-Z20N  U-Cup RU6 
RU6200630-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6200630-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6200630-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6200630-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6200750-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6200750-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6200750-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6200750-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6300400-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6300450-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6300450-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6300450-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6300450-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6300500-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6300500-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6300500-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6300500-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6300500-Z22  U-Cup 
RU6300560-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6300560-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6300560-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6300560-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6300630-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6300630-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6300630-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6300630-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6300650-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6300700-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6300700-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6300700-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6300700-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6300750-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6300750-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6300750-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6300750-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6300800-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6300800-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6300800-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6300800-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6300800-Z22N  U-Cup 
RU6300900-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6300900-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6300900-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6300900-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6300950-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6300950-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6301000-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6301000-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6301000-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6301000-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6301050-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6301050-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6301050-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6301050-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6301100-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6301200-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6301200-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6301200-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6301300-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6301300-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6301300-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6301300-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6301350-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6301350-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6301350-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6301350-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6301400-WUAQ3  U-Cup 
RU6301400-WUAQN  U-Cup 
RU6301400-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6301400-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6301400-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6301400-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6301450-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6301450-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6301450-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6301450-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6301500-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6301500-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6301500-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6301500-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6301600-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6301600-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6301600-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6301600-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6301900-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6301900-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6301900-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6301900-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6302000-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6302000-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6302000-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6302000-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6402600-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6402600-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6402600-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6402600-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6403000-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6403000-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6403000-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6403000-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6403000-Z52  U-Cup 
RU6403000-Z52N  U-Cup 
RU6403500-Z04  U-Cup 
RU6403500-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6403500-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6403500-Z20N  U-Cup 
RU6404400-Z04N  U-Cup 
RU6404400-Z20  U-Cup 
RU6404400-Z20N  U-Cup