Merkel V-packings are used for sealing piston rods, plungers and in exceptional cases of pistons. With their robust design they are very suitable for use in highly demanding, heavy and horizontal compressors, particularly if the plungers are subject to large side forces. V-packings can even be used if piston rods or plungers cannot be correctly used because of wear. V-packing in connection with fabric pressure and back-up rings are used primarily in heavy-duty hydraulics because they can easily be tightened at any time and their robust design. V-packing rings are supplied open for nominal diameter up to an inside diameter of 400 mm. For larger diameters the rings are over dimensioned in length, and they must be precisely fitted during fitting into the compression packing. If required endless rings can also be supplied. If no information on the version, the fluid or temperature is given, B/B (see Operating parameters range table) is delivered as the standard version.