Ensures secure and continuous sealing of cable bushings and thus:

  • Very good sealing properties through extensive sealing area in both connection areas
  • Protection of technical or mechanical devices
  • Noise reduction
  • Low mechanical loading through friction for cables, Bowden cables or similar
  • Easily installed with fitting straps
  • Optically and aesthetically appealing sealing solution
  • Installation and cost advantages through the of one bellows for different diameter dimensions to be sealed
  • Flexibility of movement through convoluted design
  • Simple cable replacement possible without damage, thus service friendly
  • High product service life
Tool No. Brand Item No. SP | IP Design Material D1 D2 Lmax Lmin L Da Di
V6-20316 Freudenberg 49063334 CACB 50 PVC +/- 5 7 19 - - 39.4 - -