X-rings are twin-action 4-lipped seals with an almost square cross-section profile. The X-rings achieves its sealing effect by being installed and compressed within an axial or radial installation housing. Under operating conditions, the pressure of the medium reinforces the sealing function.



A high degree of stability for dynamic application, as the X-ring is not susceptible to rolling within the groove (twisting) due to its almost square cross-section. X-rings require a lower degree of radial pretensioning. This gives rise to less abrasion due to the lower contact pressures in play. It is possible for a lubricant reservoir to be created between the sealing lips. Optimised sealing effect due to superior distribution of pressure over the almost square cross-section. No adverse effect created by the mould-separation ridge as unlike the O-ring, this is not located at the outer diameter but between the actual sealing lips.