The V-Ring serves as a lip seal but also as a centrifugal disc. The V-Ring is stretched onto the shaft and must be installed at an accurately defined distance from the counter-rotating metal surface to guarantee axial preload of the seal lip. The end of a bearing, the bearing case or a shaft collar serve as counter-rotating surface. The V-Ring rotates with the shaft and seals axially on the counter surface. With increasing peripheral speed, the seal lip is pulled outwards by the centrifugal force and the contact pressure is reduced. At a certain peripheral speed, the seal lip lifts off the counter metal surface completely. The V-Ring then functions only as a gap seal and centrifugal disc.



  • Single function sealing element
  • Seals against dust, dirt, lubricant, oil or water spray
  • Works well in combination with rotary shaft seals
  • Low demands on the counter surface with regard to the surface quality
  • Simple installation
  • Is stretched onto the shaft
  • The dynamic friction reduces with increasing peripheral speed due to the centrifugal force 
  • Good dynamic sealing effect
  • Balances light axial movements as well as angle and rotary settings
  • Protects rotary shaft seals from abrasive environmental conditions