SPOR31 | SPOR 31


The SPOR seal consists of a PTFE sealing element, which is energised by an O-Ring. This results in an exceptionally good sealing function under high loads and good static sealing performance. The SPOR 31 design can only be used in single-acting applications. The SPOR 31 is frequently used in tandem or in combination with other sealing elements as the primary or secondary seal in order to guarantee no leakage.



The standard for this design is a combination of PTFE-Bronze/NBR 70. Depending on the area of application, other materials such as PTFE-Glass, PTFE-Graphite and PTFE-carbon for the seal element and EPDM, FKM, VMQ etc. for the energising element are available. Sufficient guiding of the rod using suitable guide elements is necessary