SPOR131 | SPOR 131


Application Mobile hydraulics Construction machinery (excavators, wheel loaders, dumper trucks), miniexcavators, lifting tailgates, agricultural machines (farm tractors, front loaders, attachments, combines), utility vehicles and ground conveyors (fork lifts) Industrial hydraulics Machine tools, clamping devices, signal transmission, transport and conveyor systems, presses, handling and assembly technology as well as testing and simulation technology Unlike conventional sealing materials, the static and dynamic friction coefficients of PTFE compounds only differ to a marginal extent. In general, multiple factors are responsible for the resulting frictional forces. In addition to the conditions of use such as operating pressure, transverse rate and lubricant, the surface finishing and quality of the counterface also play a key role. The marginal difference between static and dynamic friction virtually rules out any risk of slip-stick effects in dynamic applications. Due to their geometry, the KPOR and SPOR 131 profiles can only be pressurised on one side. The KPOR 130 and SPOR 130 profiles are double-acting. The seals of the SPOR 130 and SPOR 131 profiles are often used as a primary or secondary seal in a tandem arrangement in series or in combination with other sealing elements in order to create a stable seal.