Customer-specific mouldings can be produced on the basis of a reference pattern, the customer's drawing and our own Design & Development section, in response to the installation situation and application parameters. Mouldings can be produced from a variety of elastomers and thermoplasts. We have a variety of qualities available here. The production of elastomer-metal compounds (2-component parts) is also possible, as are very small serial production runs, hand specimens for internal experimental purposes based on pilot tools and large-scale serial production runs.



Mouldings are used in many sectors, such as the automotive, electrical, valve, threaded tube connections and fittings industries, and in plant and mechanical engineering, the field of renewable energy and the foodstuffs industry. The following mouldings are used for the widest variety of applications: Sockets, buffers, damper rings, oil and air filter seals, casing seals, DIN 3869 profile sealing rings for threaded tube connections, sealing rings for plug-fit connections and sensors, cable channels, and many others.